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These are just few examples of our recent jobs we have done. What we would like to show you is that we are experience and versatile in various aspects of Building, Maintenance and Electrical works.
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DATE ; December 2020   Project : Full Redec of a room in a property

Short Description :

SStripping all the walls including ceiling from all layers of old papers, repairing all cracks then wallpapering all walls including ceiling with fibre glass paper, 2 coats of quality paint Dulux Trade , repairing all woodworks including skirting boards and applying 2 coats of paint, restoring pine door and frame and applying 2 coats of clear varnish and cutting the bottom of the door for the new carpet. Replacing all socket outlets with USB resolving the problem with missing earthing on all sockets and all being tested.
Time : 2 weeks


Short Description :

Replacement and repair of 700 hundred vertical tiles. Job including hiring and building a tower. Some of the insulation elements had to be replaced and wall cracks etc make good.

  House hose external tiles finished
Time : 2 days

DATE ; June 2020   Project : Restoration of 125 years old windows

Short Description :

Complete Refurbishment and restoration of 125 years old windows. Removing old paint to the bare wood, treating and repairing window frame and applying 3 coats of paint.

Time : ongoing project

  window before

DATE : JUNE 2020
Project : Consumer Unit Upgrade(replacement)

Short Description :

Semi-deatched house, 4 bedroom , with en suite bathroom - It took 7 hours to repace CCU and another day to run all neccessery tests to make sure thal all is working and according current 18th IET Wiring Reg.

Time : 1.5 day


DATE ; JUNE 2020

Project : Upgrading various lights, light switches, fault finding within the installation, installing additional new light points in the hall etc.

Short Description :

Detached House , 2 story,upgrading bathroom lights,replacing ouside light, adding a new lights points in the hall, finding fault why one of the badroom light installing a door bell, replacing few lights,swichesand USB sockers etc.

Time: 5 days


DATE ; May 2019   Project : Full Kitchen refurbishment

Short Description :

Complete Refurbishment of the kitchen including restructuring roof for a new skylight, a new flooring, full re-wiring, all new furniture units, a combi-boiler replacement etc.

Time : 3 Months

  old kitchen photo new kitchen