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Our finishing work and professional trim services are top quality. We handle it all: from built-in shelving design and installation to new framing and flooring to cabinets of all types.  We can help create the home of your dream with our superior carpentry service

Our goal here at M.F.I.S why doing carpentry is to become better with every project we complete. Our promise to you is a non-wavering commitment to excellence, quality, and customer service. Our diverse background of general carpentry experience provides us with the skills and knowledge to be proactive contributors throughout the planning and the executing process.

"from a humble door handle or IKEA flat packs to bespoke custom made furniture, M.F.I.S can do it all."

We are widely versed at uncovering challenges that later could potentially be stumbling blocks. When projects are underway, if there are any issues discovered, we discuss them promptly to allow for concise and thoughtful decision-making, in the best interest of the project. Our experience has provided us with innovative and creative problem-solving skills and we want to show them off to you

Our expert services include:

  • nterior/exterior door installation
  • interior trim work
  • wainscoting
  • crown mouldings
  • custom built-ins
  • mantels
  • basic cabinetry for your home
  • tile and hardwood floor installations
  • kitchen and bath remodeling
  • finished basements
  • chair rails
  • experts in cabinetry installation
  • decorative mouldings

Changing internal or external doors

Changing your interior doors will have an immediate impact on the ambiance of your home. Hallways or landings may well be more door than wall for example, where there can be up to six doors in a relatively close space. If you have a dull or darkened hallway, changing the doors will transform this space.

The main entrance door, that is your front door, will be your first line of defence against the outside world. Your door’s style and choice can say to the world “welcome” as well as “we are secure”.

A quote from ‘The Poetics of Space’ by Gaston Bachelard conveys this perfectly:

‘With their furniture of lock and key, handle and hinge, letterbox and knocker, doors open to communicate and embrace, close to protect and hide’.

We provide a full consultation to explain available options so that you can choose the service that’s right for your home or business. We strive not only to meet your project's needs, but also to prevent potential problems in the future.

" The guys at M.F.I.S have yet again completed a few pieces of carpentry for me, they designed all the units, which included a bespoke built in storage wardrobe ,bookshelf, a desk and AV unit, all made to a high standard with excellent craftsmanship. They were clean during the fitting and had excellent attention to details as you can see above for yourself." Mrs. A. Smith-Gray - Sutton UK



bog or small we take it seriously