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damp proofing iimage M.F.I.S provide effective and professional damp surveys and solutions for all types of properties. M.F.I.S have been surveying and treating damp properties since 1995 and our surveyors are able to identify specific damp problems and offer suitable solutions to rectify any damp issues that your property may have. Whether internally or externally he have a solution.


if you or your familly are exposed to DAMP. MOULD, MILDEW or excessive dampness in your home you might develope various and serious health problems. Those conditions in your home shoul be eliminated as quicly as possible. M.F.I.S can do it in the professinal way applying 20 years of expertise and expierence in the field.

M.F.I.S we survey the effected area then will discusess the options available with the client's budget. This affords our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we care and want really to heph them to get rid of this
problem once and for all within their budget.Remember we ALWAYS give 3 months hassle-free warranty on all our jobs (T&C apply).



Damp survey - what to expect from M.F.I.S

    Our qualified surveyors will:

  • Identify the damp problem within the property
  • Determine the source of moisture
  • Inspect any existing damp proof course (where necessary)
  • Inspect any problems with the building structure
  • Identify potential future problems resulting from damp (such as dry rot or wet rot)
  • Provide a comprehensive summary of what damp treatments are needed

Why do you need a damp proof course?

Simply put, homes that do not have appropriate damp proofing measures installed are more likely to take on excess moisture. A functioning damp course is an essential part of any property in order to prevent moisture from the earth and soil rising up the walls through capillary action (also known as rising damp) and  damaging the property as a result.
A broken or missing DPC will result in problems such as damp walls on both the internal and external sides of the home, and without treatment to correct this, rising damp problems can deteriorate into destructive wet rot and dry rot issues.

Different types of damp course explained

Thankfully there are a number of damp proof course solutions available so that whatever the underlying cause of your rising damp problem, we have an effective solution for any type of property.

Damp Proof Injection

This is the most common solution to solve rising damp caused by a failed or broken damp proof course. Sometimes called a ‘remedial’ damp proof course, this process involves the injection of a ‘damp proof cream’ made from a silicone-based liquid that reacts with the silica in the masonry to produce a water-repelling layer within the wall.

The damp proof injection is applied at no less than 150mm from the base of the wall and is often a more practical solution than other “solid” damp proof courses.

Damp proof membrane

Damp proof membranes can be used to form part of a damp proof course. The damp proof membrane is positioned underneath a concrete slab with the intention of protecting the concrete from any moisture and therefore making it damp proof.

This form of damp proofing is often used to protect properties from penetrating damp problems when the

home has earth retaining walls.

Air Brick Ventilation System

Air Bricks are special bricks that are manufactured with holes in them to allow the circulation of air under the floor of buildings with a suspended timber floor. The act of circulating air ensures that cold or damp air is not allowed to sit in any voids or empty space as if it is then this is a sure way that timbers and other materials will be damaged and in most cases by the time you realise it’s too late and substantial cost and hassle is the only way to then get it sorted.


Do damp proof courses come with a guarantee?

We understand the need to feel confident and secure in the knowledge that once installed, your damp proof course will continue working to prevent rising damp recurring in the property. That is why any damp proof course treatment provided by our team is backed by a long lasting guarantee of up to 25 years, providing you with complete peace of mind and reassurance that in the unlikely event of something going wrong then we will be there to put it right.

bog or small we take it seriously