London Handyman Price Comparison:

RATES First 1/2 hour Subsequent 1/2 hours 1/2 day rate
(4 hours)
Full day rate
(8 hours
Ladder charge
(all prices INCLUSIVE of VAT)
£30 £15.50 £130
(6 hours)
£175 No Charge*
The Handy People £33.33+VAT £16.67+VAT £150+VAT £250+VAT No Charge
0800Handyman £40+VAT £20+VAT £160+VA £300+VAT £28+VAT
Handy Squad £40+VAT £20+VAT £160+VAT £275+VAT No Charge
Silver Saints £40+VAT £20+VAT £180+VAT £340+VAT £25+VAT
London Handy Team £40+VAT £20+VAT £160+VAT £275+VAT No Charge
we have weekly and even monthly Charges :
WEEK Charge Mon-Fri (8 hours): £750(save- £175)
MONTH Charge Mon-Fri (8 hours): £2.800(save - £700)
  • We are fully insurred
  • Prices are within radius of 15miles around CR0 (Croydon)
  • Materials are not included.
  • Quotation is FREE**
  • Rates do NOT applly to Carpet cleaning


* ladders up to 3 meters
** Quotation - is free within 10 miles radius of Croydon(GB) , given over the phone call or via email . Otherwise if we come to your place it will cost you £35.00(paid in advance) for the on-site visit which, will be extracted later on from your final payment.




  • 6am - 5pm : £70* for the first hour than any additional hour is £20
  • 5pm - 10pm : £90* for the first hour than any additional hour is £25
  • 10pm - 6am : 120* for the first hour than any addtional hour is £35

    * this amount will be charged to the client regardless if we able to resolve the issue or not.

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